1. Since her divorce, Danica Wilson fills her days fighting to regain her self-confidence and swimming her way to fitness. The local pool becomes her respite from a world that doesn’t even notice her existence. But when an angry swimmer calls her ‘useless’, she finds herself right back where she began. How does a ‘useless’ woman deal with a bully of a man? Maybe she gives him a wedgie.”


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    Have you ever suspected your husband might be gay? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. If this is something you may be questioning or have reason to question, this eBook is for you.”


  3. This 1,200 word article will walk you through basic and advanced techniques of how to potty train your rabbit in five easy steps.”


  4. "The reason I wanted to write this guide was to share with you my personal experiences with the alien energies and beings, and most of all I wish to help other people to understand the abduction process, and set them free from the abduction experience.


  5. Vampires have a special place to go whenever they’re sick. They go to Vampire General Hospital. This is no average hospital. The entire medical staff is made up vampires. However it’s against the law to drink human blood, unless your life is in danger. Some vampires ignore the law & use humans as a food source.”


  6. "My novel is based on a mission to Mars, where underhand experiences of the Christ couple are described as self-satisfaction and negative results. Facts of the organizers and the chief of NASA of the mission of Mars put my characters, Mr. Rojeb Christ and Mrs. Jenifer Christ, in the middle of a great struggle.  Love made by the Christ couple on Earth gives them bad luck on Mars. Its result is told as the pregnancy in Mars. They cannot decide whether to give birth to the child on Mars because this may put them in great danger. But they dare to decide to give birth to the child on Mars and are ready to face any result. For this the office of the president and NASA fulfilled on Mars all of their requirements to safely give birth to the child.  In the presence of many problems and a tension-filled atmosphere, a healthy child is born on Mars on December 25. They name the child Jesus Christ."


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    Tired of her city life, Wilma snaps up a bargain price house in the country and leaves for a vacation. However, she soon discovers that the house is haunted by a ghost, and he takes out all his rage and desires on her! This 7,600 word story contains ectoplasm soaked blowjobs, ghostly fisting, rough double penetration on the ceiling, and a woman getting filled with gallons of ectojism!”


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    "A bedtime story for young children who like eating jelly."


  9. "A 1000 word article about evaluating and choosing a horse college to suit your needs. Originally appeared in Sidelines magazine."


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    He’s the defrocked Hindu god of sensual love. She’s his virgin amnesiac runaway bride. Will she give up her crusade for women’s rights to join him in heaven…in bed? Can he revive her goddess memories before the defrocking curse fries him to a crisp…again?”